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Student Services


The Department of Student Services aims to provide quality service that will enhance the holistic development of all students by creating opportunities that will support the overall goal of the institution.




The social aspect of the student's career at The Mico University College is of paramount importance to the institution's mission. Student activities, the non-academic services to the students and the code of conduct governing the behaviour of students are detailed in this section.

The Mico University College is an institution that caters to the holistic needs of its students. The Department of Student Services administers all the non-academic areas of the students' career.

The work of the Department of Student Services reflects the University College's emphasis on social and cultural awareness, physical well-being, a healthy life-style, intellectual expansion, spiritual and moral growth an the fostering of meaningful interaction between students and the rest of the University College community.

The following areas of student life fall directly under the umbrella of the Department of Student Services:

  • Student Counselling (non-academic)
  • The Chaplaincy
  • Job Placement
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Student Housing/Accommodation
  • Health Services
  • Welfare
  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance
  • Mentorship
  • Community Outreach activities