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Scholarship Awardees at the Mico University College on Tuesday, November 14 were encouraged to aim for excellence at the Scholarship Awards Ceremony held at the University College in the Enos Nuttall Lecture Theatre.

Over 20 recipients received scholarship awards amounting to over J$5mil provided by Mico alumni and corporate companies, many of whom are repeat sponsors, and present at the ceremony. The event, which lasted just over an hour, involved donors handing over grants to the respective recipients and having both donors and scholarship recipients being inspired to continue aiming for the highest.

Lavois Cruickshank, guest speaker at the event, encouraged persons present to see excellence as a strategic plan to reach a goal and becoming someone better than you are. “If it works for you, keep it, if you realize method you can enhance, enhance on them and if you found things that never worked for you, cut them off.” He was referring to practical ways to aim for excellence.

He eloquently drew on his experiences as a scholarship recipient himself and used his mistakes to warn recipients never to get complacent but use this scholarship as a start to working hard. 

Top scholar of the Full Ride Earl B Kennedy Scholarship Award, Claudia Campbell is a 3rd year Special Education Student who gave the response on behalf of all recipients and spoke boldly of her experience. “While coming to College, I did a budget of my expenses and titled it ‘Bill to Jesus.’ I owed the University College quite a bit of money and never knew how I would be able to cover my debts. Today I am pleased to say I can place a double line under this account, as my debts have been paid.”