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Campus Residence


Residential life is intended to enhance and complement academic programmes, as such students who seek residence must adhere to the following:

  • Attend all official University College functions
  • Be punctual at all classes
  • Be an active member of a house, club or society
  • Participate in or attend University College competitions
  • Observe the established curfew time
  • Demonstrate acceptance professional conduct

Halls of Residence

The Manager of Halls has overall responsibility for the Halls of Residence at The Mico University College. Prospective students needing accommodations must apply for this at the time of application to the University College in order to be considered. Limited accommodation is available for both male and female students. Male students are housed at Mills Hall and Glen Owen Hall, which are situated on the main campus at Marescaux Road. Housing for female students is provided at the Errol Miller Hall situated at Arnold Road nearby.

Hall life is part of the teacher training process. This provides experience and learning in areas that are not easily programmed within the structured academic timetable. In the community of the Halls, it is possible to develop those social skills which are vital in building good human relations.

Hall life provides opportunities for leadership. It is organized in such a way that over the period of study individual will have the opportunity to lead in some way. Living in University College housing also provides an opportunity for individuals to come to appreciate the importance of observing rules and regulations. Read More