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  1. Description of the Programme

  2. Study Mode
    Full time
    4 years – 8 Semesters
    2 years – 6 Semesters

    The Bachelor of Education in Library and Information Studies is designed to meet the needs of two sets of students:

    • the full-time students, who enter with two CAPE subjects and at least five CSEC subjects (with at least a grade 2 in English A) and
    • the full-time or part-time students, who are practising teachers and holders of a diploma in teaching or an Associate degree in Library Technical Services

    Full-time students are allowed to do a maximum course load of 24 credits per semester while evening students have a course load of 15 credits per semester. Students who must interrupt their studies should follow the guidelines set out in the Student Handbook 2011 -2012.

    Students are required to enroll in three non-credit classes, Conversational Spanish, Orientation into Document and Practicum 11A along with University Courses designed for personal enhancement throughout the semesters.

  3. Duration of the Programme
  4. Full-time students are expected to finish the programme in 8 semesters while part- time students should finish in 6 semesters inclusive of summers.

  5. Courses
  6. The courses offered in the Bachelor of Library and Information Studies programme are divided into three offerings:

    • Core Courses: These are compulsory education courses.
    • Specialized Courses: These are courses that the specialists in this discipline will pursue. Students who wish to minor in Library and Information Studies may complete a selected number of these courses.
    • Elective Courses: These are courses that will complement or broaden the knowledge of specialists in this department or completed for personal development or interest.

  7. Mode of Delivery
  8. Currently, all courses are offered face-to face. Efforts are being made to get some of our courses online. With multiple modalities of delivery, students will find it convenient to access the programme at times convenient to them.