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As we move towards the restructured schools of the 21st century, the importance of the Learning Resource Centre and the facilitation of independent learning are being increasingly recognized. This is because technological developments have created a dynamic environment characterized by a vast output of information, producing new challenges which require that individuals become empowered with the skills to locate, extract, analyze and use information effectively.The Librarian, through the library, will play an expanded role in helping teachers evolve from traditional teaching styles toward a multi-resource based curriculum as the traditional roles of the librarian is redefined from one that looks after books to one that uses search engines, create databases and are savvy with technology.

A programme of study at the baccalaureate level in Library and Information Studies offered by Mico University College is conceptualized in alignment with The Mico University College vision and mission statements as well as with the new thrust of the Ministry of Education. The programme is based on a philosophy that:

  • emphasizes lifelong learning as a process for the construction of knowledge through engaging in multiple perspectives of reality and authentic assessment.
  • regards learning as a positive process
  • acknowledges the critical role information plays in the lives of people and society
  • fosters leadership and the need for decision-making and problem-solving based on information and critical thinking.
  • strengthens the content base of present teacher-librarians/information specialists, curators, archivists etc.
  • develops an awareness of new trends in learning resource/information centres.
  • Empowers and improves pedagogical skills through technology and collaboration.
  • enhances the roles of the information specialist in the learning process by integrating the study of information literacy skills in all aspects of the curriculum.
  • fosters the culture of knowledge appreciation.
  • shares of information and ideas for intellectual development.
  • Integrates theory and practice and enhances curriculum development and leadership
  • provides opportunities for graduates to find employment as teachers, and librarians.