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Entry to Year 1: To be admitted to Year 1 of a degree programme, candidates must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Five CSEC subjects including English A at the General Proficiency Level Grades 1 or 2 and, effective June 1998, grade 3 or their equivalent, in addition to two CAPE Unit 1 subjects.  Candidates not possessing the two CAPE Unit 1 subjects will be required to pursue specially designed courses to establish an equivalency to CAPE Unit 1. 

  • For the purposes of equivalence, passes in the Secondary Education of the U.K.; Associated Examining Board (A.E.B.); Royal Schools of Music or Trinity College certification will be accepted as equivalent to CSEC General Proficiency.  Candidates with a High School Diploma from Accredited American or Canadian institutions will be accepted as having the equivalent qualifications for entry to Year 1 of the Degree course, provided that the passes shown in the transcripts are at the level required for the programme that the candidate desires to pursue.

  • Candidates, who have completed Yr. 1 of a Teachers' College Diploma programme with a 'B' average, will be accepted as having satisfied matriculation requirements.  These candidates will be eligible for possible exemption(s).

  • Candidates who are holders of Associate Degrees are also eligible for acceptance, with possible exemptions. It should be noted however, that for admission to a specialization one is required to have subjects at CSEC Grades 1 or 2, and/or GCE Grades A or B in courses relevant to the specialization.

  • Candidates wishing to pursue the Primary or Early Childhood Degrees should possess the requirements stated in (i) which should include a science subject such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science or Human and Social Biology, or a Social Science subject such as History, Geography or Social Studies, in addition to a pass in Mathematics.

  • Applicants wishing to pursue the Special Education Degree should possess the requirements stated at (i) which should include Mathematics and a Science subject. Only one business subject will be accepted.  Applicants who do not have a pass in mathematics or a science subject may be accepted, but will be required to pursue Foundation Mathematics and a Science course to complete matriculation requirements by the end of Year 1.

  • Applicants wishing to pursue other degrees should possess, within the general requirement, passes in their specialist areas, i.e. subjects at CSEC General Proficiency Grades 1 or 2 or GCE 'O' level Grades A or B.

In addition to general matriculation requirements stated in (i) applicants will be required to satisfy requirements specific to individual programmes.

A psychometric test will be administered to all applicants. The results of this test will assist in the selection of students, but will not necessarily exclude an applicant. In addition to this test,  interviews are conducted as part of the selection process. 
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